For amazing photos...

The LookoutAn easy hike on the Maderas Volcano to the lookout point at 400 meters hight. Three hour guided trip passes through agricultural lands and the low land forest. View beautiful petroglyphs (rock carvings) and have a chance to see two kinds of monkeys. Enjoy a great 270 degree view of the island from the end point at the lookout. Accessible also on horse ride.


The beauty of Nature...

The Istiam RiverA 3-hour guided tour from the community of Merida to the Istiam River where you will have the opportunity to see a large variety of aquatic birds, monkeys, caimans and turtles. Modern sit-on-top kayaks and attentive bilingual guides for a safe, enjoyable and unforgettable experience.


The top challenge...

Concepcion VolcanoThe trek for lovers of adventure and personal challenge. The maximum challenge of the island with the more exciting prize: the satisfaction of conquering the summit and the unforgettable views that will last in your mind forever.


The most popular hike...

Maderas VolcanoThe tour to the lagoon in the crater of Maderas volcano (1,394 meters) is the most popular activity on the island. It combines a challenging hike with the opportunity to admire the abundant flora and fauna unique to the Maderas Volcano. It goes through the Dry Pacific Forest at the bottom, then the Intermediate Forest and, at the top, the humid and evergreen Cloud Forest. You will go all the way to the rim of the crater, and then down to the lagoon. The howler monkey and the white face monkey are some of the species that you can enjoy along the way. Striking views of Concepcion volcano and the lake and the satisfaction of having made the summit of the huge mountain.

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